As the well-being of each animal is our primary focus (even over and above a snazzy haircut), we work in their familiar environment, and bring all our gear into your home.



Usually 1 per dog, though if they are very hairy we might ask for 2.

Somewhere to work

Ideally we like to work in a quiet corner, close to a plug point. Somewhere we can make a bit of mess, and not have too much passing traffic. We find that most dogs get into a groove with the process, but having too many people around can excite them and make things tricky (especially young children playing with balls).
We aim to maintain a calm atmosphere as this facilitates a smooth grooming process. 
We groom small dogs on a fold-out grooming table, and large dogs on the floor. If we are setting up the grooming table, it is good to have a bare wall to put the table against.

Somewhere to wash

We tend to wash small dogs in your bath and big dogs on the lawn outside, but we assess each situation individually once we have seen your house and spoken to you about your preferences.

You can request a repeat appointment if you wish, every 4,6,8 or 12 weeks, which we keep track of, sending out reminders when they are due.



We use a top quality, biodegradable, non-irritating shampoo.

Conditioner or coat polish

Depending on your dog’s coat we will use one of our finishing products for exceptional sheen.

Blow dry, brush out and de-tangle
Clipping, trimming and styling

To standard breed requirements, we are happy to accommodate special requests.

Expressing anal glands

We do not recommend this unless absolutely necessary.

Nail clipping
Ear cleaning
Doggy cologne
We use the Bio-groom range of pet care products


The MangoPip team is all about love, fun and awesome haircuts. We are dedicated to all the dapper dogs out there, and promise to bath, clip, clean and preen your beloveds like our own.

“Thank you Kirsty for the amazing service you have provided these past few years. My dogs (and I) are far happier knowing that you are grooming them in their familiar surroundings and your gentle, kind manner makes the whole session so much easier. I highly recommend you and look forward to many more years of happy grooming.”

Glen, Jake and Chelsea – Tokai



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