What our clients have to say...

“Kirsty has been grooming my elderly Border Collie (Mrs Shelby Tickle) since 2011, when I relocated from Durban to Cape Town. I adopted Shelby almost 19 years ago as a rescue, and although a happy and well-adjusted  dog, she has always had fear issues when it came to grooming.  After several disastrous grooming attempts in Cape Town, I was introduced to Kirsty by a friend who had been using her services for some time, and who spoke highly of her gentleness and love of dogs. From their very first meeting, Shelby absolutely LOVES her grooming time with Kirsty, and has overcome her fear issues in a way that I would not have believed possible!  Kirsty is absolutely wonderful with my old friend, and always leaves her looking (and smelling!) like a princess! Shelby has some skin issues, and Kirsty is always sure to be as gentle as possible. Her constant reassurances and gentle touch have turned what used to be a terrifying and highly stressful exercise into a fun visit, filled with affection and liver treats! Kirsty is highly skilled and knowledgeable about animal care and health, offers a range of flea and de-worming products, and is equipped with all the necessary equipment to make any dog look and feel fabulous! I highly recommend Kirsty, and could not imagine having anyone else groom my sweet old girl!”

Michelé – Pinelands

“I’ve taken my dogs to several grooming parlours and boy do I have some horror stories! Walking in to find my woofs variously:  crying, locked in a cage in a hot room with hairdryers so loud I could barely hear myself; bloody cuts explained with “he wouldn’t keep still”; and a muzzle with two leads tying him down on either side while loud madams spoke over him, occasionally shouting at him to stop struggling as they unkindly gripped and pulled and sheered. My Springer Spaniel, Shilah, grew to HATE being groomed – he couldn’t stand his ears being touched, and panicked at the sound of a shaver. After several tries, I gave up myself – I just couldn’t put him through this level of stress. Kirsty arrived on her very first visit and won my dogs over in minutes. I was completely blown away – Shilah was calm, comforted and trusting throughout the entire experience. Kirsty spoke to him the whole way through, praising him, building a positive bond, and listening to his body language. At the end of his session he came bounding over to me, tail going mad and full of excitement, “Look at me, mom!” When I think of what I’ve seen him go through at parlours, I can only wish I’d found her sooner. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you consider your woofs to be a part of your family, this is the way to go!”

Shaz – Constantia

“Kirsty and her team have been grooming my furry children for the last 2 years. I love that Kirsty messages me the week before to remind me that my dogs are due to be groomed. She is always punctual and if she is finished earlier or is running late, she always messages me to let me know. Kirsty is gentle, loving and firm with my dogs who are always excited to get treats from her. I appreciate that she arrives, gets set up and gets done. Everything is always cleaned up so well. I have recommended Kirsty many times and will continue to do so. My dogs love her and I love that she comes to our home which takes the hassle and stress out of taking them to a parlour.”

 Lindsay – Rondebosch

“Liquorice and Toby say; “A very special thank you for coming every month to groom us, not only do we get treats,   we love our conversations, and the love and attention that you give us too!  We feel proud when we go out walking after being groomed by MangoPip, and many people stop and compliment us, especially me (chips in Liquorice, the miniature Schnauzer), because you give me the professional Schnauzer haircut, that makes me look so beautiful! Toby adds that he absolutely loves being massaged, whilst being bathed, thank you!”My Mom says; “A very special thank you for your reliable and professional service, the notifications and communication are much appreciated and for the love that you offer Liquorice and Toby!”

Linda – Claremont

“Kirsty has been grooming our two pomeranians for more than a year now. She is a real gem with the boys and they always look very handsome when they are done. She brings along everything she needs and is very tidy. I highly recommend her.”

Estelle – Tokai

“Kirsten has been grooming our little yorkie, Casey for a few years now. She is always on time, cleans any mess she makes during the grooming process and takes such good care of our boy. We can definitely recommend her for any new dogs needing grooming!”

Francesca – Claremont

“It really is my great pleasure to recommend Kirsty from MangoPip as a dog groomer for my three dogs. She has the utmost ease in handling our three dogs of various temperaments- from Foxy, who is nervous to Jack, who is a highly strung and boisterous dog. She handles them with ease, care and a genuine respect for the furry souls that they are. They love her and this care that she puts to the heavy task of grooming dogs that are not enjoying the cleaning moments from the bath to ears being cleaned, makes it feel like this is more than a ‘job’ to her, but a real connection to the actual personality within the dog. I will not use any other groomer but her and would like to encourage all genuine carers of dogs to partake of her service.”

Sandra – Pinelands

“Kirsty is much loved by my dog, in spite of Phoebe not liking grooming and bathing much. She has been reliable and kind at every visit. I can’t recommend her services highly enough. She has even managed, over the years, to convince Phoebe that nail clipping is not the ‘end of the world’.”

Carolynne – Kirstenhof